Meet Raisa: five-foot filipino-american, married to my high school sweetheart, mother to sweet Lacey, obsessed with bright and joyful imagery


Things I Love:

- Working it at group dance fitness class
- Target runs
- Chipotle chicken tacos
- Staying with Airbnb hosts outside of the country
- Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia
- Swimming, as long as it's with a snorkel and mask
- Playing Nintendo with my husband
- Thai ice tea with boba
- Singing worship in my car or at church
- Smiles from my baby girl in the morning

I've always needed a way to tell a story through art ever since I was a little girl, whether it be drawing in my lined notebook during indoor recess or choreographing dances with my sister and friends to perform for our parents.  Along the way, I picked up my shutterbug mom's film SLR camera, walked into the darkroom my sophomore year of high school, and fell in love with photography.

Now, instead of telling the story of my childhood or teenage years, I get to tell the love story of a couple on the day they commit themselves to each other forever.  Your wedding day is a lot more than saying "I do" and exchanging rings. It is the collection of all the moments, small and big, from second you brush on that last bit of mascara to the instant your groom sets eyes on you walking down the aisle.  It is the cumulation of all the details, planned and unplanned, from the centerpieces you chose months ago to the surprise gift your mom gave you.  My style of photography is bright and joyful to match the emotion of such a happy day, but choosing a photographer is about more than choosing a type of imagery.  You are deciding on someone who will be with you for more of your special day than nearly all of your family and friends.  I love this about my job.  I love talking to my excited brides right before the ceremony starts, I love meeting parents and hearing how overjoyed they are about their daughter or son getting married, and I love joining you with your friends on the dance floor!  My duty is to make sure that the people you included to celebrate with you on this very special day are as happy with your choice in photographer as you two are.

I will walk you through every step of the way.  I always let my couples know what the next step in the process is and I also put time into helping you with wedding day plans.  Organizing a wedding day timeline is difficult for couples, but I've done this many times before and am so happy to guide you through the process.

I promise to never leave you hanging. 

Communicating with my couples is at the top of my to-do list.  By hiring me, you are free to ask me as many questions as you want to and I will respond within 24 hours during my office hours.

“I will start off by saying Vietnamese elders (mainly my Aunts) can be nitpicky and hard to impress. They got to see a preview/candid photos and they were thoroughly in awe. Lets face it, Raisa’s work speaks for itself and you’re reading this because you’re curious about the experience.

Raisa took the time, sat down with us and learned our story. She touched based with us days prior to understand the schedule and worked with key players that helped organize the stressful all day affair (morning preparations, traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony, preparations again, wedding ceremony, group photos and reception) - and to note we didn’t have an official wedding planner for her to work with. It was a long day and a major undertaking but Raisa champed it all the way through. She was courteous, accommodating, exceptional to work with and captured all the love, laughter, even tears friends and family brought on our big day. She enriched the day with her presence and brought joy with everyone she worked with - she became part of the family for the day.

A photographer is an integral part of a wedding day celebration - you do not want to miss a moment. I cannot praise Raisa enough, her talent speaks for itself and I highly recommend sharing your big day with Weddings by Raisa if you get the opportunity. Two thumbs up from us and many many more from our elders.”
— James and Thy