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What to wear for your engagement session

One of the most common questions I get from my couples before their engagement session is: "What do I wear?"  I tend to give the same pieces of advice, so I thought it was about time I made a blog post that I can share going forward.  Some couples get super excited about shopping for new outfits, but for others, choosing their engagement session attire can be overwhelming!  I laid out 5 tips that I hope will help guide you on your search :)


Tip #1: Make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit

You will be moving around a lot during your session which might include walking, sitting, hugging etc, so try to avoid picking super tight clothes around the hips that don’t allow you to move easily.  You also want to feel comfortable emotionally as well as physically, so pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and looking your best. Try to avoid clothing that you think you might be constantly readjusting because of bunching, riding up, or falling down.  If you are questioning “Do I look good in this?” it might be better to try something else like your good ol’ stand by date night outfit or something similar to it.  Choose clothing that accentuates your favorite parts of your body.  Also keep temperature in mind, if you are significantly cold or hot during your engagement photos, it will be harder for you to relax during your session. For colder weather, a jacket that is fitted around the waist will be more flattering than something baggy.


Tip # 2: Dress on the same level on the formal vs casual scale as your fiancé

Think about it like a date, you want to dress formal when your fiancé dresses formal and vice versa.  For example, if the bride-to-be is in a dress and heels, her man wouldn’t look the best next to her in photos next to her if he is wearing gym shoes.  If you have multiple outfits, try to choose one dressier outfit and one more casual outfit for each of you.


Tip #3: Matchy-matchy isn't ideal

In general, it looks better coordinate different shades or similar colors with each other rather than to try to match to the exact color with each other's outfits (for example, coordinating warm tones with warm tones or cool tones with cool tones). Try to contrast textures and colors, so if the bride is wearing a colorful flowery patterned dress it would look great to contrast that with the groom wearing a solid more neutral colored shirt.

Tip #4: Consider the colors of your location

Based on what type of location you choose, you might want to think about what colors will compliment the background or help you pop in photos.  For instance, if you are going for a soft portrait by the water, you might want to dress in calm color tones.  Also try to avoid blending into a green background; if you decide to take photos in a forest, it would be hard to stand out in those photos if you were wearing a forest green dress. Try to keep colors muted and soft, neutrals are always a safe bet!

Tip #5: Don't hesitate to doll yourself up and accessorize :)

Jewelry and other accessories look great especially if they compliment your personality.  Try to get your ring cleaned and your nails done before your session because your photographer will likely be getting some close ups of your bling!  I am giving you an excuse to get your hair done and a mani/pedi ;)

I hope you enjoyed these tips!  Remember that these are just guidelines and there are always people that are able to break the rules and still knock it out of the park.  Whatever you end up choosing to wear, have fun with it!  Stay tuned for more engagement photo prep tips coming in the next couple of weeks :)

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