Authentic Birth Center

Meet Clayton - Waukesha Lifestyle Newborn Session


Since having Lacey last year, I get so excited to meet a newborn baby! They are so tiny compared to my 12 month old and seeing them makes me really appreciate how much my baby girl has grown. I had the pleasure of photographing Rachel and Michael’s adorable itty bitty, 9-day-old Clayton this past weekend. Our wonderful childbirth instructor, Rowenna of Kinderhaven Birth & Family Services, connected us this past fall and I was so happy that they reached out to me! We had a wonderful time during their maternity session and I was happily waiting for their baby’s arrival when January rolled around:)

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, Clayton was born in the afternoon at Authentic Birth Center! I was so excited to meet him :) I gave Rachel a huge hug when I saw her and walked into the bedroom as Clayton was sleeping peacefully on Michael’s chest. Their faces glowed as they held their little boy and as they watched one another holding the tiny human they created together.

Clayton was so alert while I was taking pictures, I was surprised by how many times he looked straight at the camera. He was the perfect little model. I even got a photo of both him and his mama looking at the camera, I can’t even do that with my daughter now most of the time! I am going to love watching this little cutie grow :) I’m excited for playdates to come!

Congratulations Rachel and Michael! You are clearly amazing parents to your beautiful son already :)

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