7 month old baby

Lacey's 7th month


Lacey is at such a fun age! We love how interactive she is with us and those around her. She has learned a lot of new motor skills and sounds when babbling, but still isn't able to move from point A to point B, so we don't have to worry about her getting into places or to things she shouldn't be near quite yet. She is getting more attached to me and really doesn't like to be alone in a room for more than a few seconds when she is awake. Sleeping during the night and getting her to nap during the day has been the biggest challenge still. She has seemed uncomfortable the past couple of weeks at night and we think it might be teething, but she hasn't had any pop up yet. The only place she naps well is at home because we have blackout curtains or in her carseat when we are on the highway, so being out of the house for the day with her is difficult. Unfortunately, we are finding strategies like rocking, cuddling, singing, walking in a stroller, and massaging less and less effective at lulling her to sleep. I photographed 2 weddings during the month of July and had to be away from her a full day while Brian took care of her, but she has been bottle feeding like a champ now so it made me feel much more at peace to get text updates from him after each successful meal from the bottle  :) 

Things to remember about this month:

  • She started clapping! It is so adorable and she seems to do it either when she is excited, like when someone enters the room, or occasionally when she is mad, like getting her diaper changed.

  • She doesn't seem particularly interested in solid food this month. It's not like she stares at food as it goes from our plate to our mouths or anything like that.

  • She thumps her tummy like a little gorilla and it's really cute because it makes a hollow-ish sound.

  • She rarely falls over when she is sitting up unsupported on a firm surface. She is really good at keeping her balance even when really reaching for toys.

  • She is a pro at rolling now, although it is always the same direction both from tummy to back and back to tummy.

  • She isn't crawling yet, but can slowly pivot when on her tummy in a circle.

  • She doesn't really notice animals. She has been around ducks, cats, and dogs and doesn't follow them with her gaze or have any reaction really.

  • She is currently indifferent to bubbles, big or small.

Her likes and dislikes:

  • She loves books and reading time :) Up until this month, she really didn't seem interested. But now when we read to her, she gets excited, more vocal, and even tries to flip the page (and is successful sometimes if we turn it half way for her). We are sticking to board books right now because she is really aggressive with grabbing them and likes to chew them.

  • She thinks puppets are hilarious! She got a finger puppet board book of a cow from our friend and immediately started cracking up when I wiggled it around. She smiled so much at a hand puppet too.

  • She does not like sweet potato. We mashed up some cooked sweet potato and put it in front of her on the highchair to eat. After mushing it around with her hands and making a mess, she finally got some in her mouth and looked disgusted and confused. She gagged a little too, it is a lot different than milk.

  • She likes avocado :) We tried again with mashed avocado for her 2nd meal. She also made a huge mess with it, but this time when she finally got some into her mouth, she seemed to be interested and started sucking her fingers.

  • She loves being around other babies and toddlers. She was much more interactive with her cousin who is 4 months older than her when they came to visit compared to the past. She smiles whenever a small child comes up to greet her.

  • She still loves her feet and has been chewing her big toe on her right foot at times.

  • She is fascinated by water bottles.

I have to be quicker and quicker with these each month!


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