Callie and Jon - Milwaukee Riverfront Engagement Photography in Historic Third Ward

Engaged couple in Third Ward Milwaukee

The first time I talked to Callie and Jon, we learned that our lives have crisscrossed in so many ways that it makes this world feel small, especially considering they found me with a Google search. Jon went to the same high school as my mom and many of my cousins, and Callie grew up in the town next to me back in Illinois. It was even crazier when we discovered that since she and I both played club soccer in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and graduated the same year from high school, there is a very good chance that we have played against each other on the field! I was so happy when they asked me to be their photographer :)

The Third Ward is the area of Milwaukee I am most familiar with and combined with its historic look, makes it my favorite areas to hang out in. I was excited when Callie and Jon asked to have their pictures taken there! We ended up getting as perfect a day as we could ask for in mid-November in Milwaukee. I was happy with the clear skies and above freezing weather.

I met them at the Journeyman Hotel as they finished a meal and drinks with Jon’s brother and we spent the evening walking along the riverfront and stopping at Kickapoo Coffee to warm up halfway through. At one point it, a random fellow pedestrian was walking past us when he stopped and handed them a rose that he had been carrying around! It was so weird and funny, we all had a good laugh. At the end of our time together, we found a spot to finish with some sunset photos and noticed that others had the same idea because we shared the same few yards along the river with 2 other couples with photographers. I am so excited to show you these photos from their session!

Before we parted ways, I wanted to make sure to take some photos of Callie’s engagement ring because not only was it so incredibly beautiful, it also has the coordinates of where they first met that Jon had engraved on the inside of it. It was so wonderful to spend a Sunday afternoon with these two :)

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