Milwaukee Home Fresh 48 Session - Fox Themed Nursery


Lochlan turned 1 month today, so I thought I would post his and his family’s Fresh 48/Just Born session from the day after he was born and came home a month ago (to see his birth story, click here!). What made this session extra special was capturing the moment his big sister met him and seeing this family of 4 all together for the first time :) Alexis was already such a sweetie to her little brother, gesturing to ask to hold him, booping him on the nose, trying to tickle him, and hugging him. Their matching “Big Sister” and “Little Brother” outfits were so stinkin cute and he has the most adorable fox-themed nursery! He was in a pretty good mood throughout the time I spent with them and he even smiled at the camera while in his crib!

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