Meet Rowan - Madison Home Birth Fresh 48 Session


Baby Rowan made his grand entrance into the world like a firecracker and has given us all quite the story to tell for years! To give you a little background before I dive into the details of his birth, I met his mom, Amanda, when we were physical therapy students together at UW Madison. We hadn’t seen each other for a while after graduating, and we both started families of our own. When I announced that I was going to start photographing births, she asked me to photograph her planned home birth and I was so excited! Since then, we all reunited this summer and we had the pleasure of meeting her incredibly sweet little boy, Finn, who was so kind to Lacey as they hung out together :)

Fast forward to last night. I think the best way to paint the picture of how Rowan was born is to give a timeline of events and my text/call log with Amanda and her husband Jason:

11:58pm on 9/26 - Amanda group texts me to let me know that she has been having mild and inconsistent contractions (she didn’t even need to breathe through them or stop what she was doing) since 6pm, but she is not sure if she is really in labor yet.

12:13am on 9/27 - I text Amanda back encouraging her to get some sleep and call me if she progresses.

1:07am on 9/27 - Jason calls me to let me know that Amanda’s contractions have gotten stronger and that I should come now because her midwife is also on the way.

1:19am on 9/27 - Rowan is born!

1:27am on 9/27 - I’m about to leave my apartment when Jason calls again to tell me in the calmest voice, “Yea, so, the baby came already…”

I later learned that Rowan came so fast that their midwife didn’t even make it to deliver him and his dad had to catch him in their bathroom! Not only did Jason have to catch Rowan, but he had to catch Rowan on the fly because he had been clearing space in the other room when Amanda started to crown and urgently pleaded for him to help her! He literally had seconds and would have missed Rowan had he been a moment slower! Amanda even delivered her placenta before her midwife arrived, it all happened in a whirlwind!

I was so honored to see them a few hours later that day to listen to their incredible story and to meet their precious little cutie! Mom and Baby looked so bright, high-spirited, and healthy, I was amazed. He was so alert and adorable (which you will see in the photos). We talked about how it was a good thing that they had planned a home birth because that was what Rowan was planning all along apparently! I was so happy to see how this family is able to enjoy their first moments with their new addition in the comfort of their home.

Congratulations to this wonderful family!

Finn is adjusting to life as an older brother. With all eyes on little Rowan after I arrived, he made an entrance into the room with a paper towel roll voice amplifier! As the oldest in my own family, I know the feeling Finn! Otherwise I can already tell he is going to be such a sweet brother. Amanda told me he tried sharing a graham cracker and bottle of cows milk with Rowan, so cute!


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