Lacey's 9th Month


Lacey has slowed down getting bigger physically (she has been wearing 18-month-old Gerber onsies for 3 months now), but developmentally, she grew up so fast this month! Every day she makes big progress in her motor skills and recently just started crawling military style very clumsily, which is adorable! The only thing that slowed her down was having her first serious fever which led to being diagnosed with her first ear infection this month. She is finishing up her last couple days of antibiotics though and is feeling pretty much back to her old self and is ready to move! At the doctor’s office this month, she weighed 24 lb 2 oz (>99th percentile) and measured 29.5 inches in height (98th percentile). She is officially half my height! We must be an interesting sight together haha! She hasn’t made any huge leaps in her speech development, but her doctor and I just think that is because she is making such fast gains in gross and fine motor skills.

Things I want to remember about this month: 

  • Her first 2 teeth came through her gums! We finally understand what teething is... She was miserable for a couple nights right before the bottom front incisors “erupted”, so we gave her some Tylenol which seemed to help ease her pain.

  • She is a pro at turning in circles when on her belly. She can do it really fast now.

  • Earlier this month, she would sometimes push herself backward very short distances when on her tummy. She started pushing with her arms and rounding her back from her tummy to get on hands and knees with less and less effort every time and then she will rock by shifting her weight forward and back. It is really cute.

  • She started crawling forward for the first time a couple days ago! It is kind of like a military style crawl, but it is super clumsy and effortful right now. She really pushes almost entirely with her right leg which makes her to veer to the left, but she corrects her path by rolling over haha. She also will pull forward on the ground with her arms sometimes like she is swimming.

  • When she is sitting up and wants to move forward, she will bounce and pull with her heels to scoot forward.

  • Just a couple of times, I have watched her transition from sitting up to leaning forward to end up on her belly.

  • She does well with holding her balance to stand when she is holding onto something, but she is not able to lower herself down in a controlled way (or at all really and I just have to lower her down myself when she starts crying because she wants to be done).

  • She has been trying a lot more foods! We are still going with baby led weaning approach and are giving her healthy food that we are also eating at meal time, but modified into finger sized pieces.

  • She can do a pincer grasp with her index finger and thumb now to pick up small things like a cheerio.

  • She has been making a funny under-bite looking face ever since her bottom 2 teeth came in.

  • As far as sleep goes, she has been doing really well since we transitioned her to her own floor bed in her room. I sleep next to her for parts of the night now, but she is napping and sleeping longer stretches at night by herself. I’m going to transition to just sleeping in the room with her, but not next to her. She is still nursing a couple times a night.

  • Throwing up used to be such a common thing when she was a newborn, but now we know something is wrong when she vomits. She started throwing up a lot when she was sick and when we started giving her antibiotics for her ear infection.

  • She doesn’t scratch her face anymore. A couple months ago or so, I used to see a new scratch on her face as soon as the one before healed. I realized that it has been a while since I saw one.

Her likes and dislikes:

  • She loves to move! She always seems to have a huge smile on her face when she rocks on hands and knees or bounces when she is sitting.

  • She likes to be a part of mealtime with Brian and me. She has shown a lot more interest in solid food this month.

  • She seemed to really like green pepper and would suck on it after scraping the soft inner part with her two little teeth. She still likes banana.

  • We gave her a big piece of an oven baked pork chop and it looked like she really enjoyed gnawing on it, it was sort of like a delicious chew toy for her.

  • She hates getting things forced into her mouth, which we have been really trying to limit doing. Unfortunately we have been needing to pin her down to give her antibiotics through an oral syringe :(

  • She loves to be carried around in my new Tula carrier for her. I had to get another carrier because she outgrew the other’s weight limits… I should have just splurged on the great quality one from the beginning! Although this one probably would be too big for her.

  • She doesn’t like to be away from Brian and me. In the past, we have been able to drop her off at the nursery at church, but last Sunday she was very sad to be away from us, so we held her and listened to the message through the speakers instead.

  • She loves the drawstrings on my shorts or sweatpants.

  • She still loves water bottles. Some of her other favorite toys are her wooden animal teething toys, wooden puzzle, baby-safe mirror on the floor, and big Lego-like blocks.

  • She loves books, especially one with photographs of people’s faces. Starting a book has calmed her down after having just been crying. One time I was napping with her on the floor and woke up to see her lying on her back and looking at the pages of a book that she held open above her :) 

  • She thinks Brian’s feet are hilarious.

  • She loves to bang toys together, especially if it makes an interesting sound.

  • I’m not sure if how she feels about the taste of kale, but she likes to rip it into small pieces.

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