Lacey's 8th Month


Lacey has developed so fast in a lot of ways. We have been changing her on a changing pad on the floor because she is so squirmy and rolly. These days it is alarming to think that we ever changed her on the changing table and even more shocking that we actually stepped out of the room to wash our hands while she was still lying on it! I also realized that we rarely have to use a burp cloth because she only spits up once in a while every few days and it is so nice compared to the days when she would spit up after almost every meal. I am enjoying this phase so much, she is so much fun and we are getting to know her personality more and more because she can express herself in a lot more ways.

Things I want to remember about this month:

  • She is able to hold her balance when standing if she is holding something. The first time I saw her do this was when I was trying to lower her to sit down in the pack n’ play; while I was putting her in, she grabbed the rail and stood instead of sat.

  • When we hold her hands while she is sitting and we pull her forward, she is strong enough to pull up into standing.

  • She hasn’t crawled forward yet, but she is very good at pivoting when she is on her belly.  She can also push backward when on her tummy mostly using pure arm strength and she can scoot forward little by little when she is sitting.

  • She is very good at holding her balance when sitting up and is very good at knowing her limits about what she can reach and what she can’t.

  • We started introducing solid foods to her this month. We are trying baby led weaning and so far I think she is doing pretty well. Her gag reflex is getting less common and we can tell that she is learning how to move solids in her mouth.

  • She makes the cutest faces including a fish face, scrunchy smile, and “ooooh” face.

  • She said “dada” for the first time on Brian’s birthday! It was the best gift he could have ever asked for :)

  • Her Uncle Johnny lived with us for a month and she became so comfortable with him.  I loved that my brother got to see what she acts like when she is herself.


Her likes and dislikes:

  •  She hates when people feed her without her initiating it. She definitely prefers to have control over what goes in her mouth. This has been a game changer for us with bottle or sippy cup feeding, which use to be so frustrating for everyone. Once we started waiting until she either tilted her chin up with her mouth open or she pulled the bottle/cup to her mouth, things were so much better! There was so much less fussing and she would eat so much faster.

  • She makes faces at most solid foods that we have introduced, but she seems to like them after the 2nd time we give them to her, like hummus, avocado, sweet potato, and green beans. She was very hesitant to try broccoli, but we have only tried it once so far.

  • Her favorite word is dada! She says it all the time. She shouts it and even whispers it. She seems really excited about this new sound that she can make.

  • She laughs a lot when she is sitting on something like a bed or trampoline and someone jiggles it around her.

  • She loves her and my reflection in the mirror. She always has a big smile when I walk over to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and when we get to the last page of “Peek a who” which ends with a mirror on the last page.

  • She loves books so much! She really enjoys turning the pages and is often trying to turn them way too fast for us to keep up reading. I have been reading the ABC book by Dr. Seuss a lot because I think it makes sure that I am saying all the different vowels and consonant sounds to her repeatedly.

She is not a fan of the crib. We’re trying a new thing out this month and have been having a lot better sleep because of it. It’s called, a floor bed! I might post more about it soon!

This was the first month that she has been able to support her self and hold her balance on her own when holding onto something stable with her hands.

I love these goofballs!

There were a lot of family visits this month <3