Lacey's 6th month


Lacey has become mobile this past month! We are both excited and nervous about it. We have to be even more careful to avoid any dangerous situations like her rolling off a raised surface, but it has been fun witnessing her reach different milestones. She is wearing 18 month Gerber onsies still and size 3 disposable diapers are getting pretty tight on her. She has her "6 month" pediatric appointment next week, so we will see what her official measurements are then!

I'm sure her pediatrician will give us tips on starting solid foods at that appointment, but I'm in no rush. She has been such a pro at breast and bottle feeding, so I have been really enjoying feeding her milk and I will be sad to start weaning her. I think back to a couple months ago and remember that her refusing to feed from a bottle was a major stressor in my and Brian's life, so I am really grateful that bottle feeding isn't a problem anymore. I was able to be away from her for the first wedding of my 2018 photography season, and it was such a relief to get texts from Brian throughout the day telling me each time she finished a bottle of stored breast milk. I missed her so much, but it relieves me to know that she was ok with me away from home for a good amount of time. The next challenge we face is getting her to nap without me around.

She is still nursing throughout the night every 2-4 hours... On the plus side, this has prevented my period from coming back, but I am still pretty exhausted and definitely looking forward to the day she sleeps >6 hours without needing to be fed.

Things to remember about this month:

  • She is rolling! At the beginning of June, I would notice that she had changed positions from being on her back to being on her stomach without actually witnessing the roll. Now I watch her roll all the time from her back to her stomach, almost always towards her left though. We still don't think she has rolled from stomach to back yet.

  • She can sit without support really well and keep her balance on her own, but she still needs close supervision because she will tip backwards once in a while.

  • Her arms are getting strong. She has mastered a press-up when on her tummy and is able to lift even her belly a little off the floor when she straightens her arms.

  • She reaches for things now. We have been extra vigilant to make sure there are no choking hazards in her vicinity.

  • She can pivot at least 360 degrees when on her tummy, very slowly though.

  • Lacey is getting pretty ticklish especially at her armpits and thighs. Sometimes at her neck or feet too!

  • She has gotten the hang of saying "muh" and often says "muh-m!" which sounds a lot like mama :) She mostly says that when she is upset for some reason, ha! We have heard her say "buh" and even "la" one time.

  • Lacey went to her first wedding this month and was such a good girl!

  • She went to the pool for the first time this month, but she didn't seem entertained at all.

  • We're pretty sure she is teething because she chews whatever she can get her mouth on including straps, her fingers or our fingers, cloth or hard toys, etc.

Her likes and dislikes:

  • Brian makes her laugh more than anyone, including me who is with her all day long! She laughs when he jumps or moves his head around and says "Hi!" when he looks at her.

  • She is fascinated by glasses or bottles of water. I think she likes the sparkle :) She stares at them and then reaches out to grab them, sometimes making me spill all over myself.

  • Lacey enjoys songs with hand gestures, like when I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

  • She is always trying to touch tags and likes to crinkle them.

  • We got her a drum as a half birthday present for her and she loves it! She loves banging things with her hands, and the drum is her favorite thing to slap. Sometimes she is even able to hit it with her drum stick, which is super cute!

  • She likes being around other kids and will stare at them.

  • She hates when we lay her on the changing table for some reason. Besides being hungry or tired, that makes her cry the hardest.

  • We have been having her try a door jumper. She seems to be entertained by jumping in it, but doesn't smile lol.

  • She loves to grab things, especially our faces.

Look at how much she has grown!

Month by month baby photos

She loves her daddy and he loves her! Sometimes he can't help but rub her chubby cheeks like Ash massages Pikachu's! haha

She's getting so strong and coordinated! 

We took Lacey to her first wedding, she loved being around family!

I love my little chunky monkey!

It was her first 4th of July! Unfortunately we didn't watch the fireworks because it had just rained a lot outside and we didn't want to risk her getting bitten by mosquitos.