Lacey's 3rd month

As if time wasn't blowing by fast enough for us as parents, Lacey is growing surprisingly fast!  She is 3 months old and now fitting pretty perfectly in Gerber 6-9 month onesies.  I have gone to a couple meetings with other parents and their babies and Lacey was as big or bigger than some 6 month olds.  Brian's bicep is getting bigger just from holding her haha!  She is such a good girl.  She is very calm in her carseat (although she has almost outgrown it).  We really haven't been limited in going places because she has such a good temperament, we are so lucky.  She has been quiet and content at church, the grocery store, and even the movie theatre!

Things to remember about this month:

  • She is doing so good at tummy time now.  Last month she was able to lift her head about 45 degrees, now she can consistently hold it up 90 degrees for a couple minutes in a row!  She made a lot of progress with this after she realized she should use her arms to prop herself up instead of hovering her arms mid-air (doing a superman).  
  • Her hand-eye coordination was the biggest change this month for me.  She is really good at gripping fabric (and my hair) now.  It looks so cute when she looks like she is fluffing up her tutu when she wears one. 
  • A couple times, I have noticed her staring at her hand for a long time. It looks like she has discovered her limbs :)
  • If we give her an easy-to grip toy, she will start chewing on it.  I'm pretty sure she is teething...
  • Her balance has also really improved and now she has good head control if we sit her up and support her at her lower ribs.
  • We took her to the movie theatre for the first time this month.  Brian and I really wanted to see Black Panther because we had heard good things, so I suggested we just go and take Lacey.  She is such a good girl, I thought she could do it!  We happened to get a back row pair of seats right next to the exit luckily, but we didn't end up needing it. We put on her noise reducing earmuffs and she slept almost through the whole movie, she never made a peep!  She got a little squirmy a couple times while I was holding her, but I was able to nurse her discreetly in the dark theatre and she fell back asleep.
  • We took her to church for the first time on Good Friday.  Brian carried her in the forward-facing carrier so that she could look around.  The only noise she made was a happy coo like she wanted to sing along with the worship music :)
  • Her hair is long enough to brush to the side and stay put now.  She has more options than just a faux hawk now haha.
  • Her nails grow so fast!  I clip them twice a week now I think.  I can only take care of them when she is sleeping because she moves too much when she's awake.  I love using my Nail Frida clipper, makes it a lot less scary of a task.
  • She doesn't smell like a newborn anymore :(  I already forgot that smell, something like milk I think?
  • We took her on a couple walks outside, but it still hasn't been warmer than 45 degrees when we go.  She saw Lake Michigan for the first time this month.
  • We started a 6-step bedtime routine, and that has made all the difference with getting her to sleep. We change her diaper, wipe her face and hands with a warm washcloth, use the Nose Frida, change into pajamas, nurse, then read. We found that the exact time we put her to bed doesn't matter as much as doing the same steps in the same order and put her down in a very dark (nearly pitch-black) room.  She still eats a couple times at night after going to bed, but now she falls asleep pretty quickly when she is done eating which she wasn't doing last month.

Her likes and dislikes:

  • She likes music, especially if it involves singing or dancing.  Sometimes I start doing my dance workouts in front of her when she is crying and she stops pretty quickly and sometimes falls asleep.
  • She loves eye contact.  Most of the time, I can get her to smile if I look at her, wave, and say hi. If I'm not giving her the attention that she wants while nursing, usually because I'm trying to catch up with messages, she'll make a little hoot to get me to look her way and then she has the cutest little smile when I make eye contact with her :)
  • She doesn't like getting her hair washed in the sink right before we put her in the bath, she is usually crying during this first step. She likes being submerged in the water for bath time, she is always very calm after just having been crying and she seems to enjoy kicking her feet in the water with some splashes sometimes.  She hates when we take her out and dry her, she is usually screaming during this stage.
  • She still loves to look at the ceiling corners, lights, and outside.
  • She calms down whenever we rock her in her rock n' play, but she won't be able to use it much longer because of her size.
  • She gets really scared and starts crying when Brian makes this roar noise that sounds like a tiger.  He's only done it once or twice because she gets so upset!
  • She loves to play with her dad.  One time, when Brian got home from work and I was holding her, he came up close to her and said hi and she turned her head away to the other side and smiled.  Then Brian went to the other side of me to go face-to-face with her again and she smiled and turned away again.  It looked like she was playing a game with him! It was so cute.