Lacey's 2nd Month

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This month, Lacey has grown a lot in becoming more vocal and socially interactive.  She has discovered that she can do more with her voice than just cry.  It makes me so happy that now she is not only able to track our faces from side-to-side, but she also seems to look for us when we leave her field of vision or when she hears our voices.  She is getting more and more of a personality everyday which is so fun to watch.  Brian and I are also finally developing a daily routine, which has helped her fall asleep faster after waking up at night. Physically, the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that her neck strength and endurance have gotten a lot better and now she can balance her head when upright for short periods of time, although it starts to wobble as she gets tired. I feel like I'm starting to get a hang of this phase, but it will be a whole new ballgame once she learns to roll and becomes more mobile!

Things to remember about this month:

  • Instead of just being a reflex, her smile is much more purposeful compared to last month.  She smiles at me or Brian when we first make eye contact in the morning or after a nap, it's such a sweet moment in my day.
  • She has started being very vocal, besides crying, this month. She started to do this coo that sounds like an owl hooting ("ooo, ooo, ooo") while tilting her chin up and it just melts my heart!
  • This past week, sometimes she does this excited squeal while kicking her feet and waving her arms which sounds and looks almost like a laugh. We might have heard her first laugh a few days ago, but it was so short it was hard to tell.
  • She makes this facial expression that looks like she is amazed by opening her eyes really wide. It is really funny.
  • We are figuring out her different cries.  So far I can distinguish between her hungry cry (which is my least favorite one since I hear it the most at night) and her tired cry (which is pretty cute since she makes a pouty lip when she does it).
  • Her skin is so soft!  My and Brian's favorite thing is to rub our cheek against hers. Right now her complexion is perfect with barely, if any, baby acne or dry skin.
  • At 14 lbs 11 oz and 24 inches, she is in the 98th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for length. She has grown out of most of her 0-3 month clothes already!  She still fits in some brands' 0-3 month clothing like Cat and Jack from Target.  It is amazing how much the clothes in one size can vary from brand to brand.
  • She is very calm when Brian reads to her.  A lot of the time she falls asleep, perfect for our developing bedtime routine.
  • She got to meet a lot of extended family on my mom's side, including my cousin's 6-month-old Frida.  We are both so excited that they are so close in age!
  • I loved seeing my 93 year-old grandma, Inang, hold Lacey and sing to her.  Inang is moving to the Philippines and I was pretty emotional saying goodbye to her and watching her say goodbye to Lacey.
  • She still likes to sleep with her arms above her head. It reminds me of her dad :)
  • Nursing has been really good this past month!  I haven't had any pain the past few weeks, which makes me very happy.  We both have mastered nursing when lying down and sitting, now I just have to work on standing.  I nursed in public for the first times this month including at Costco, Qdoba, and at a restaurant brunch.  Nursing in public was the easiest when I was carrying her in my ring sling, much more comfortable than crossing a leg over in sitting using a cradle hold.

What she likes and doesn't like:

  • She still seems unsure about bath time.  She makes a startled face and breathes in a borderline crying pattern when we first submerge her, but then she calms down and seems to enjoy kicking her feet in the water after the initial shock. Using a thermometer to keep the water just above 100 degrees F has given me peace of mind that it isn't the temperature that is making her uncomfortable.
  • She doesn't mind tummy time too much.  About half the time we end it because she falls asleep. She really prefers to keep her head turned to the right side during tummy time or when she is being carried, so we recently have been trying to carry her and do other activities with her head turned towards the left which she doesn't really like but is gradually getting used to.
  • She always smiles when I wipe her face with a burp cloth or warm wash cloth.
  • She likes batting at hanging toys, especially her favorite chime toy.  Thanks to my parents, she has a new play gym that is perfect for her.  She loves it because she can play with her hands and her feet by kicking piano keys.
  • She likes to look at my face and coo along when I sing to her :)
  • She still loves to look at light coming through blinds, corners that have a lot of shadows, slats of her crib, and lamps.
  • She still loves her carseat, and we are so thankful!  She is usually fast asleep by the time we are out the door and really only wakes up when we stop and park the car.  Multiple times we have been able to eat at a restaurant while she is quiet in her carseat. 
  • Just like I would have expected, she hated getting shots at her 2-month appointment. I felt bad, but she calmed down pretty quick after I picked her up and started nursing.

Here are some photos from this past month:


She had her first Valentine's Day this month and looked very happy about it!  I love how it looks like she is winking when she smiles sometimes.


Her hand-eye coordination is coming along.  She is getting good at batting toys and is just starting to reach to grab things.


She loves her play gym!  I highly recommend this one by Fisher Price; I really like how adaptable it is to fit different stages of her development and to work on different positions. Good choice Nana!

She's showing more and more head control during tummy time and now she is able to lift and turn her head side-to-side.


I love the way she sleeps with her hands up and her legs curled up.

She looks like a completely different person to me when she is upright versus lying down!  Gravity is not her friend right now, haha.


Maybe she'll be a Gopher one day like her mom :D

I love taking pictures of this little girl!

I finally captured her heartbreaking pouty lip on my camera!


We love our little Lacey!

I feel so lucky to be starting a family as the same time as these wonderful people.  Frida was so adorable even while she was sick.  I'm sure there will be plenty of photos of cousins Lacey and Frida together in the future :)

Lacey spent some good quality time with my side of her family.

I am so thankful that my grandma was able to hold Lacey. 

I love this picture of Inang with Lacey's cousin baby Frida :)


Four generations in one photo.  I'll cherish this forever.


I love watching Lacey and Daddy time.

Our little girl is growing.  I can tell she is definitely getting chunkier with a side-by-side comparison of one vs two months.


Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned next month for a 3 month update :)

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