How pregnancy has been


I can't believe I am already 32 weeks along now!  Brian and I are busy this week with moving to the Wisconsin lakeshore and I will be relieved to get settled into our new home soon (I think the nesting instinct is just beginning)!  The days are racing by, so I wanted to start a habit of documenting our life on here and give you all a little update on how things are going with us 😃 

These were some highlights for us during the past 7 months:

Our first ultrasound - It hadn't really hit me that I was pregnant after a positive at-home pregnancy test and positive blood test.  We were not sure of how far along I was, so we were scheduled for an ultrasound to figure out our due date.  Brian was so sweet and held my hand as the ultrasound tech pointed out our baby to us, who was the size of a pistachio at the time.   When she played audio of our baby's heartbeat, we both teared up and I think that was when it hit me that a life was growing inside me.

Feeling the first kicks - I was really antsy for the day when I could start feeling Baby's kicks, especially when my midwife started asking if I could feel the baby move.  In anticipation, I tried to figure out if I was feeling Baby moving or just my normal digestion activity.  Finally, I was sure that the flutters lower in my abdomen were from the baby and I connected these new feelings with movement I saw during our 20-week ultrasound, which was such a beautiful sight to see.  We were lying in bed the first time that Brian felt our baby kick.  I told him to try putting his ear to my belly to see if he could hear anything and as soon as he put some pressure of his head on me, Baby kicked him right in the ear!  Brian's face lit up with a smile and he excitedly said, "Baby kicked me in the ear because it doesn't like me!"  It was funny and such a sweet thing to see his face in that moment.

Our third ultrasound - We were lucky to get to see an extra ultrasound of Baby at 28-weeks.  My midwife ordered one because our baby was extra mobile during our 20-week ultrasound and the ultrasound tech was not able to get a good view of the heart.  We were blessed to see a 3D photo of Baby's face.  I was shocked to see how much the face on the screen resembled my own.  I couldn't help but cry from joy looking at the baby I am soon going to meet.  I often find myself pulling up the picture on my phone.  We were happy to hear that Baby looked healthy and everything is developing normal from what they could tell on the ultrasound.


Here are some things I have learned or noticed while being pregnant:

-Picking a name is hard!  Brian and I made it a little more difficult by not finding out the sex of our baby, so we had to figure out both a boy and girl name haha. There is surprisingly a lot of pressure in choosing a name for a person that they will live with as a child and adult.  We are keeping both secret just between the two of us though until Baby is born.

-I feel more confident and less anxious the more I educate myself.  I have come to really enjoy reading books on pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.  I also get excited to go to my weekly birth classes.  Having a low-intervention birth without pain medication is something I am striving for, which I know is no easy feat.  In attempt to set myself up to reach my goals, Brian and I have been going to Bradley Method classes which is a considerable 12-week commitment where we meet with an instructor and other moms-to-be once a week.  We chose this course because of the proven positive outcomes in achieving their goal with stats showing that 86% of women who complete the Bradley Method course end up having unmedicated vaginal births.  I have learned so much already and still have 6 more classes to go!  I am also looking forward to joining a local La Leche League group to learn all about breastfeeding at monthly meetings with other breastfeeding moms :)

-I like thinking of childbirth as an athletic event instead of a medical procedure.  I think this is a big reason why I have been enjoying my Bradley Method classes because their philosophy is that going through labor is like running a marathon and you should train for it if having a low-intervention birth is a priority.  Just like a marathon, you can go for an unmedicated birth without preparing, but without the training and appropriate strategies you will probably won’t make it without an epidural or be in absolute misery.  Looking at it from this perspective makes me more excited-nervous instead of a fearful-nervous.  We even do an exercise progression at the beginning of each class, I have worked up to 5 squats deep as possible for 45 second holds.

-Bonding with Baby during pregnancy can be fun.  I smile whenever I sit on the couch and massage what I think is my baby's foot and feel a nudge back in response.  I have enjoyed writing and reflecting in a journal that I will end up giving to my baby as an adult.  Personally, I want to start bonding before I give birth with my child and these things help me with making a connection.

-It is so true that every pregnancy is different.  Shortly after getting pregnant, I heard about how awesome 2nd trimester is compared to the others, but that is not what I experienced at all.  In fact, I would consider it the worst during my pregnancy.  2nd trimester was the only one where I had to throw up about every 1 or 2 weeks, it's weird I never threw up during my 1st trimester. 3rd trimester seems a little more typical for me, discomfort from a really big belly and running out of room has been the theme of this 3 months.

-Having heartburn starting in first trimester probably means it will be severe by the third.  I was feeling optimistic about being able to manage my heartburn even when a nurse told me that it will only keep getting worse during my first prenatal visit, but she was right.  I am currently taking 2 Pepsids a day and as many Tums as I can for the pregnant limit, but it still keeps me up at night.  This week I am trying to eat dinner early, have lighter fruit-based snacks after 6pm, and prop up my torso on pillows at night, which I think has helped.

-It is harder than I thought to move around with a big ole 3rd trimester belly.  I really have been throwing momentum into transitions like rolling out of bed and getting up from the couch.  The amount of arm and leg flailing that happens when I'm in a hurry must be very comical to watch.

-My love and admiration for my husband grows everyday.  I find myself looking at Brian across the room and just being so happy that he is the father of my child and thanking God that I got to marry such a good man.

Time is seriously flying for us.  I really want to make it a point to take pictures together as our family grows every year so we can look and reflect on a snapshot in time.  Here are some photos from our maternity session a couple weeks ago taken by Rachel W. Photos :) 

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