4 things I love about my new GoPro video camera


As someone who loves to be in the water when the sun is out, I have been looking for a camera that lets me document moments in environments that my iPhone can't.  I absolutely love snorkeling and have used othe underwater cameras, but unfortunately they were not very reliable and broke on me even after using them just a couple times. This made me especially sad to lose a some footage when I swam with whale sharks in the Philippines :(

Adventures look a lot different for me nowadays with a 5-month-old baby girl, but they are even more precious to me!  I didn't put as much as I could have on our baby registry when I was pregnant, but I added a GoPro Hero6 on it in hopes we might receive it as a group gift because I knew I would use it on trips for family videos.  As we packed our towel and diaper bags to take Lacey to the pool for the first time, I made sure to put our new GoPro Hero6 in the bag to try out!

My thoughts on using the GoPro for the first time:

#1: It is easy to use

It only has 2 buttons (power and record) and a touch screen. I'm really glad it has a screen so I can see what I'm recording. It takes a little time to figure out how to use the touch screen menu, but no more time than you would need to figure out a new app on your iPhone.

#2: It is small and discreet

I didn't feel like I was drawing attention to myself when using it like my pro Nikon camera does. Not that I'm trying to spy on people or anything, I just would rather people not know that I'm a crazy millennial momtog who constantly records everything my daughter does!  I'd say it's even less obtrusive than a phone.

#3: It is waterproof right out of the box

For some reason I thought I needed an additional housing for the camera, but I was wrong!  As long as you make sure the memory card and battery slots are closed and sealed, you can definitely submerge it in water (as long as you're not going deeper than 33ft like you might when scuba diving).

A couple optional accessories I'm thinking of buying are a floaty wrist band (to keep clumsy me from dropping it to the bottom of a lake or something) and a hydrophobic lens protector (to prevent beads of water getting in the way of my shot).

#4: The video quality is really nice!

My husband and I were surprised with how great the video quality was when we uploaded the footage to our computer. The colors pop. The brightness is pretty well adjusted. The picture is crisp. See for yourself with the video below! Besides using specific clips, adding a title at the beginning and fading out at the end, I didn't do any editing. The color, exposure, and everything else is how it looks straight out of camera!

So far, I am really happy with my GoPro Hero6! I will continue to use it on my family adventures and keep you updated with any new things I discover about it :)

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4 things I love about my new GoPro Hero6 waterproof video camera