Hi, I’m Raisa :)

I am a seasoned wedding photographer who grew a passion for birth photography after my daughter, Lacey, was brought into the world in January 2018.  I had taken Bradley Method classes and had a deep desire for a natural birth, but the course of my labor went down a different path.  I ended up having an unexpected c-section after a 30-hour labor.  My biggest regret was not hiring a birth photographer to preserve moments in time for me to look back on. Thankfully, my husband and a nurse were able to take photos of me and my girl in the recovery room with my camera after I dialed in the settings. I will treasure those couple images forever, but I would do anything to see how my daughter looked as she emerged from my body and the look on my husband’s face when he first saw her. After I got home and tried to recall what happened, I realized it was really hard for me to picture her first moments in my head because my mind was in such a fog at the time. As I struggled to remember, it was in that moment that I decided I wanted to become a birth photographer, so I would be able to provide moms and their families with their birth story in images and give lasting memories that will last a lifetime.


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Photo credit: Melissa Morgan Photography

Photo credit: Melissa Morgan Photography