Birth Model Call

documentary birth videography


WHAT IS A MODEL CALL? Birth is such an intimate and sacred experience and understandably not all of the families I photograph want their birth shared publicly, so I am looking for birthing families who are willing to sign a model release to allow me to use approved imagery from their birth for my business. 

WHO CAN APPLY? Expecting moms with an estimated delivery date October - December 2019 who are looking for a birth videographer.

WHAT IS REQUIRED TO APPLY? You must sign a model release to allow me to share a pre-approved birth film on social media, my website, and other ways I share to promote my business. If you change your mind and decide later that you want the video to be private, you may pay my regular fee of $500.

WHERE? Anyone within the greater Milwaukee area or within 30 miles of Grafton, WI giving birth in a hospital, birth center, or home environment.

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Complimentary video coverage starting during active labor and ending 1 hour after your precious baby is born.  You will receive a 5-minute or longer documentary video of your birth with a shareable link and downloadable video file.

WHY AM I OFFERING THIS? I am expecting my 2nd baby in February and have been watching ALL the birth videos and am currently obsessed with Birth Tube. :) Watching these videos have made my heart ache for a birth videographer, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anyone with experience in our area. I want to start offering this service to other families who feel the same as I do.

WHAT IS MY EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO? I am a birth and wedding photographer who also ventured into wedding videography during my business journey a few years ago. I absolutely loved creating films for couples for one season, but weddings ended up being too large of a logistical challenge for me by myself and I sadly had to stop.

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I want to choose a family that I truly believe would benefit from documenting these moments, so don't hesitate to really tell me about your story.